Friday, July 16, 2010

Goodbye San Fran. Next, Portland

After a good month of being in SF, I composed a plan of my final days in the city. First I wanted to eat one last burrito from Papalote. These super burritos are honkin' good and they even make vegetarian and vegan ones. Fortunately I eat meat, so I tore it up chile verde style with jalapenos. The best part of this place
is their spicy, roasted salsa which is pretty easy to drink (no, I held back). Definitely recommend anything with their salsa. It's sooooo yum.

One of the other things I wanted to do was sit in
Dolores Park one last time and enjoy the sun and
ambience. It was perfect weather with the sun blazin'
and the air a bit cool, I sat watching the people
watch their dogs and the dogs rule their humans.
Then I hear the ringing of the Mexican ice cream cart and all is right. The Sundays serenade me this time and I get up to take a stroll through the Castro. Good old Castro...I enjoy a chuckle at the endless store innuendo and charm of gorgeous gay men prancing about. I pass Harvey Milk's camera store and the Sausage Factory, which kind of makes me hungry, but who knows how vagina friendly they are there. Make my way up and down the block and feel I've satisfied my gay pride for awhile.

There wasn't much more on my to-do list other than bottomless mimosas, which I completed over brunch with D the morning before I left. Food was decent, couldn't complain about the goblet-sized glasses of mimosa. The "Castro" roll was so beautiful I almost didn't want to eat it.

The last thing I was able to do before I left was watch the World Cup with D, Asher, and some of his friends. Spain's victory was a great send off. Unfortunately the 16 hour bus ride wasn't as spectacular...


  1. Yummo!! That sushi roll does look great and yes, the salsa looks very drinkable.

    Cool beans. Can't wait to see some pics of don and portland up there :)

    Your writing is so story like. I can see exactly what you're doing as you write it. Punjob!!

  2. i just finished posting my pics of "my summer vacation" so to speak. So I wondered if you had any new posts, and to my delight, you did! Good to see..cant wait for the Portland chapter. I'm off to get something delicious and eat it at Dolores Park! Maybe i'll get some food too.

  3. Look forward to reading more, keep us updated!