Friday, July 9, 2010

Clouds, Clouds, and ooo something shiny

Its another typical San Francisco day. Turned on Ben Lee (no relation) and started writing. it's cloudy and about 60 degrees. Yesterday I did absolutely nothing except my online course for Korea and walk to a very expensive Bi Rite for Chicken Marsala goods. I haven't made it in a couple of years, but I still gots the skizzles. I made a fair amount of Chicken Marsala for Asher and I (with leftovers for his cousin), alongside my Gatekeeper's edition of reserve Chardonnay, of course. A very edible and drinkable pair (the food, that is).

It's been great staying with Asher and Micah. I've enjoyed my couchplanting and conversing with the techies, who aren't as antisocial as society may dub them. At least not these guys. They lead relatively interesting lives underneath all of those nerdy games and wireless devices. And so much deeper and fucked up. Their personal could be turned into a sitcom. What a good idea...

The parties they've thrown here have brought quite the rainbow of flavors. Hipsters, small-towners, hackers, bread makers, four-kidneyed Russians...There's no discrimination here. And I'm glad to have been there, sometimes even looking out and joining the emo karaoke. Although I choose to pass on the coke lines off the toilet and passing out on the corner while it's still daylight. I'm just sayin' that's not my thing.

It's been pretty awesome staying in the Mission. La Missione with your filthy, savory, flashy streets. Such distinct smells waft from your shops. And, Oh! how I love your shit-stained sidewalks and continuous cat calls. This Latin district really is the most vibrant area to live in. There are endless options to eat, drink, and meander. The best part is how everything is within walking distance, including Castro and Noe Valley. What I find the most interesting is how Valencia Street, one block away from the chaotic Mission Street, is very mellow and sophisticated (kind of). Definitely very hipster and self-contained.

In a couple of days I embark on another journey via Greyhound bus. It's been a couple of years since I've hopped on one of these malodorous bucket of bolts. As I recall, the last time I rode one I swore it'd be years since I would get on one, and Ha! here I am, fulfilling my transportation destiny. Look at me now mom! A stranger is giving me a foot massage with his tongue!

Ahh, good times. Next stop, Portland. And more past adventures to come!

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